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Fact (and you know it too): Over 80% of entrepreneurs and self-employed have immense problems with the implementation of technology and marketing!

We match applicants / customers with companies, with the latest techniques, performance marketing and our satisfaction guarantee! We implement for you!

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Pascal Mayer, Online Marketing Consultant and Strategist

It's not your fault...

It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to uniquely position/specialize, systematically sell a high-priced offering, or ALWAYS deliver the same quality to your customers. How do you know if you are currently using your valuable time to become the best at what you are passionate about? 

To finally build your dream business that only you believe in….To show those around you that you were right and that all the effort was worth it.

  • The lonely nights
  • The disappointing words from people who like you
  • The pressure you put on yourself
  • The impatience and the question of when it will finally be time to achieve your goals

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 1,000 experts before you were exactly at the point you are now. You’re looking for a solution to get back to feeling like you’re doing the right things – that are finally paying off.

Congratulations! You have found us.

What you can expect

Leads like on an assembly line

Instantly gain more leads automatically through our proven templates and scripts in sales & marketing, convert them to customers and achieve high 5 to 6 digit monthly sales.

Reach for your irresistible offer

Make your offer or service known, which is irresistible for both your potential customers and professionals. With our psychological & sales texts, you will easily double your sales!

Target group avatar and website analysis

Your target group and your website are analyzed in detail. Together with you, we make the right decisions to optimize your web presence in all aspects and find the right target group!

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More traffic with performance marketing

Get the irresistible ads you need to generate masses of new leads. We measure metrics daily and consistently so you get the best possible results!

Your automated & digitized system

You need an automated & digitized system, otherwise you have little chance, alongside your day-to-day business, to build a machine that brings you automated leads and converts them into paying customers.

Reliable and fast support + advice from the boss

No random employee is assigned to you. The boss personally takes care of your concerns! We stay in regular contact and always have your goals in mind!

Other extras possible by arrangement

Make the choice now to automate your business for more freedom, a richer lifestyle, and personal growth you can’t even imagine today.

Let your business scale with experts in performance marketing

In summary:

Your business before cooperation

No awareness & visibility, too little reach & sales, burning your money in ads, no automated system

Your business in and after cooperation

100x more reach & visibility, 30x more leads, visible to dream clients or professionals, insider strategies, automated systems that run without you

What distinguishes us as a competent service

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With real expertise, planning and implementation, we generate qualified leads for you with our self-developed strategies. You do not pay for the daily work. Only results are compensated, and these are measurable and scalable. No random employee is assigned to you. Experts take care of your concerns personally.

Solve your problem with acquisition, digitization and automation

Let us take care of complete marketing with the aim of achieving the greatest possible and measurable success for your company – this results in demonstrably target-oriented business relationships and profitable cooperations

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Double your profit and do better marketing than your competitors!

We take care of your project every day as if it were our own with the best strategies to make more sales and expand reach immediately. You can’t scale your business or make it measurable on referrals or organic traffic alone!

Don’t wait. The timing will never be perfect.
Napoleon Hill

Success Stories


Pascal has "taken me by the hand" with a lot of calmness, sovereignty and composure and brought me closer to both WordPress and SEO. I'm so glad I booked this training with him, because without him I wouldn't be at this point today. Slowly WordPress is starting to be fun for me - thanks for that, Pascal!

Daniela Hallmann

(Analyst for the real estate industry)

I will recommend Mr. Mayer to others, you can tell he did it with heart.

André Sunar

(Teacher, Web Designer & Bookseller)

Professional and highest quality! My expectations were completely exceeded and after a short time super progress. Pascal and his entire team are the hammer!



I am always impressed and the performance simply 1A. I can only recommend you.

Nada Arab

(Pharmacist & E-Commerce)

Kurze informative, sowie individuelle Beratung und passende Vorschläge zusätzlich wurden meine Wünsche schnell geliefert. 

Dina Amli

(Designerin & Sales-Managerin)

Certificates (in German)

Are you writing the next success story with us? Contact us and we'll find out if your company has the potential for performance marketing!

Your personal strategy and potential analysis

In this free consultation you will get 4 things:

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We analyze your business individually.
We develop your roadmap for maximum growth and profitability.
We create an automated lead generation for highly qualified new customers or professionals.
You get a clear strategy for your business concept. After this, you have a crystal clear view of your company and know what your next steps are!

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Who is Pascal Mayer?

A successful online marketing expert & strategist.
✔ Learned & awarded by leading online marketers
✔ Built a large network of thousands of experts
✔ Over 30 years old, proud husband and father of 2 children.

Areas of expertise:
Digitize and automate processes
Performance marketing (targeted and daily monitored advertising campaigns for more reach and sales)
Lead generation (of new customers or professionals)
Email marketing (with creation or optimization of newsletters)
Funnel marketing (registration, upsell, downsell, thank you page, etc.)
Websites (analysis, optimization, and creation)

Improve your web presence with Ways 2 Leads & Performance Marketing

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Ways 2 Leads: An emerging online marketing agency that will be one of the fastest growing agencies with the goal of attracting quality leads (clients or professionals) for coaches, consultants, trainers, entrepreneurs and self-employed people to make your business safe, measurable and scalable. The portfolio also includes startups and anyone who wants to get into online marketing and achieve their business goals for more reach and growth.

To increase awareness and continue to achieve success online as well as offline, a company's online presence and targeted online marketing have become essential nowadays. Within a company by in-house (own employees) the strengths and services are not possible, even implementable, which offers an online marketing agency.

Zufriedenheitsgarantie Ways 2 Leads

You can do no wrong!

It doesn’t get any better than this! – You can benefit without obligation during the entire duration of our conversation with all included strategies and concepts.

In a joint conversation, we discuss the current status of your company and give you a few good tips directly on the way – without any obligation. Afterwards, we decide together whether we want to continue working together or not. We value mutual respect, a good atmosphere and a win-win situation for all parties involved. That is why we are convinced of your satisfaction!

You see, we believe in the value of our strategies because we use them ourselves every day in our own actions. So together we can find out if these strategies can work for you too!

The easiest way to get to Ways 2 Leads instantly


You make the first step and contact us


We will contact you at the requested date


There is only 1 goal: your business should take off afterwards


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Frequently asked questions

… perhaps you are wondering:

Will these techniques work for me?

When you sell products or services, you sell to people. And people function emotionally, which means sales psychology applies, and that’s exactly what we use for your marketing. We’ve tested various sales copy and funnels, so I know our service can help you move your business and your life forward too!

What does the non-binding initial consultation look like?

How the consultation looks in detail is up to you. We talk together about the topics that are currently relevant to you or about which you would like to learn more. 

Mostly we consult in the areas of: Sales, Offer, Marketing and Internal Processes.

How can I secure the no-obligation initial consultation?

1. click on the button and fill in the form with your data
2. enter your desired appointment in the calendar
3. write down your questions & you will be called at the appointed time

I have tried paid advertising before. It did not work.

If you stop advertising to save money, you can equally stop your clock to save time. Impossible means that you have not found a solution. (Quotes from Henry Ford). 

Just because you tried something once and it didn’t produce the results you wanted, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! Then why does it work for millions of other entrepreneurs (and they started small too)?

How long does the collaboration last?

It all depends on your starting situation and goals. We have several package offers. We help self-employed people to build their business but also business leaders with more than 15 employees to scale. Usually we actively accompany them between 3 and 12 months. Packages for 1 or 2 months are also possible.

I can't afford it (actually)!

“Some customers say that until they realize that the quality and benefits of the product exceed the price many times over. How important is high value and outstanding quality with high ROI (Return of Investment) to you?”

Quite frankly, you can’t afford NOT to invest in your growth and marketing & sales knowledge. Henry Ford once said, “An entrepreneur who does not advertise is like a mute who makes a phone call!”.

I can not start yet!

Do you not yet have enough advertising budget or
Your product has not yet been released for sale?
No problem. Book an appointment now and if we can get together, we are happy to start from the day you want! At some point you need to invest in your business if you want to achieve more! Places are allocated in order of preference.

Will there be any additional costs for me?

If you want us to run advertising campaigns for you, monitor and optimize them on a daily basis (in short, performance marketing), then yes! You need advertising budget for online ads. We will take care of the additional tools for you within the cooperation! The majority of participants generated inquiries and sales in the high price range already in the first week. Exactly how much you need depends on your goals, industry and desired target group.

However, you don’t need to start below 450 € monthly budget once you are ready to run ads continuously.

Is it even worth it?

If you continuously cooperate and implement, the chances of success are very high. We will take care of your marketing so that you can focus on the core business and save immense time and money. 

We also offer the 100% guaranteed satisfaction bonus. If you are proven to implement our strategies and tips and do not recoup at least the investment (for our service + your advertising costs), we will continue to work with you personally without charging a dime for our services until you make money. As you can see, we are convinced of our strategies because we successfully apply them in our own actions every day!

As you can see, we are convinced of our strategies, as we successfully apply them in our own campaigns every day!

(Only valid for a term of 6 months or more and only for performance marketing. The advertising costs are of course still borne by you)

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It’s not enough to know – you have to apply it.
It is not enough to want – one must also do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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*Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you any results. All our clients have worked hard (together with us) for their success and really earned it! These successes are usually only possible if you talk to us beforehand 1:1 within a free consulting session and get to know our strategies.

This is NOT a “get rich quick and hectic” program. This comes from a real company, with real partners and real customers. 

Info: In principle, we work with every industry “except” the following: Weapons, Politics, Discrimination, Eroticism, Meat, Alcohol, Drugs, Interest Business (like banks) and Tobacco Products. 

Note: The offers & contents of this page are expressly directed only to traders & entrepreneurs in the sense of §14 BGB.

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